KAIstack EVAL-Boards

KAIstack Evaluation Boards - the basis for your evaluations

The evaluation boards for the product KAIstack - the main software component of KAI (KNX Advanced Interface) that provides the complete functionality needed for KNX devices – enable efficient product development with a diversity of microprocessors from many manufacturers  (TI, STM, ATMEL,…).
The introduction of “Media-modules” gives the developer the chance to change the communication media used during product development. Different media such as KNX-TP, KNX-RF and KNX-IP as well as several different modules per media like KAIphys, TP-UART, ELMOS and others for TP respectively SEMTECH for RF are supported.
Through pushbuttons, LEDs and all MCU signals connected on pin header, provide an excellent development and test hardware tool for you or your engineers. 
Thus equipped with the state of the art software from Tapko, your product success is on the tip of your hands.

  • Rapid product prototyping
  • Basic user interface keys and LEDs on board
  • Additional application program traceability
  • Full hardware flexibility
  • Interchangeable Physical / Link Layer  with Media-modules
  • Support for different media