The driver for KNX RF

KAIlink-RF is the answer for ever growing demand of radio driven devices.
It is providing full compatibility with KAIstack and replacing KAIlink-BIT, KAIlink-UART or KAIlink-IP to provide KNX RF to our KAIstack.

KAIlink-RF is existing in 2 different versions: ‘KNX RF ready’ (868,3 Mhz) the first implementation of RF communication in KNX and the second extened specification with ‘KNX RF Multi’ (868.0 - 870,0 Mhz), supporting multi frequency communication to overcome blocking situations of the medium and enhance the overall throughput.

Bidirectional mode is available also for battery powered devices by using slow channels from RF Multi.
For suppressing collisions, “Listen Before Talk” is used in all devices.

KAIlink-RF runs on almost every microcontroller. It is fully implemented in ANSI-C and independent of any target platform with or without any RTOS.

Features / Benefits

  • KNX RF ready
  • KNX RF multi
  • Normal Link Layer mode and bus monitor mode
  • Support of fast Acknowledge (ACK) on RF
  • Support for long frame format