Our TAPKO KNX communication stack, also known as the KAIstack, has been the central element of every KNX development since the early days of TAPKO.

The basic structure of the KAIstack is modular, comparable to a unit construction system and can also be "assembled" according to customer requests and needs.

The stack's core is the same in all cases, independent of media used, processors, device type and mode of commissioning. That leads to the most important advantage: there is only one stack, which can be equipped with the required options as needed.
Retrospective extensions / upgrades are thus simple to implement.


  • KNX certified according to KNX standard in many configurations
  • Adaptable to customerĀ“s requirements and needs
  • High hardware flexibility by modularity
  • Applications unchanged by varying configurations of KAIstack
  • Product development with a huge variety of MCUs from different manufactures
  • Separate Microsoft Windows target as developing aid
  • Evaluation board KAIstack EVA is supplied with one desired MCU
  • Support of KNX IP, KNX TP and KNX RF
  • Easy customization to different hardware platforms