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IP Interface UIMip connects IP to KNX TP

Without Additional Power Supply but with Web-Frontend for Online Update


With the UIMip interface it is possible to access every bus device in the KNX bus system. An easy way to connect the PC to the KNX network via IP. UIMip does not need an additional power supply. Without additional power supply there is more space in the distribution board, less cabling and less mounting time, all benefits resulting in lower installation cost. The moderate energy demand of the interface device is covered from the KNX bus system.

Web-Frontend and Online Update

Status info readout on actual device settings and a firmware online updater is offered via the Web-frontend. Accessing the interface device can be accomplished via UPnP, via the MAC address or via the IP address. The IP address can be assigned either static or dynamic (DHCP).

Feature Summary

  • First IP interface device in its class without external power supply needed
  • RJ-45 port to connect to an Ethernet network
  • Integrated KNX tunnelling interface
  • Tunnelling protocols enable commissioning, monitoring and diagnostics via ETS
  • Connecting a PC to the KNX bus line provides an easy way to access every bus device in the KNX bus system for setting ETS parameters, commissioning, addressing, visualization, monitoring and diagnostics
  • IP address can be assigned manually or by DHCP
  • Support of long telegrams (max. 240 bytes APDU length)
  • Support of the extended frame format
  • Use of cEMI ("Common EMI") protocol
  • Faulty communications are indicated by device LEDs
  • Moderate energy demand covered by the KNX bus line
  • Installation module for 35mm top-hat rails (DIN, TH35)
  • Database for ETS3.0d and higher
  • Web-frontend shows device info and diagnostic info
  • Update Firmware online via Web browser

All TAPKO KNX devices are KNX certified, CE compliant and available as OEM version

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