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TAPKO products are not delivered directly to end customers under the TAPKO brand.

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Complex communication tasks are often implemented on a module basis. These modules contain standalone hardware and complete software for a generic application. Solutions based on modules that include hardware and software enable the developer to focus on implementing customer needs. Time-consuming details can be bypassed as TAPKO already provides an optimal solution here. Modules can be delivered with certified KAIstack, with or without application, and as a bare module without SW. The use of modules is particularly recommended for the development of KNX-capable devices in a short time.

The basic structure of the KAIstack is modular, comparable to a modular system and can be constructed in a similar way according to customer requirements and requirements. The flexibly adaptable module design allows not only the support of all KNX device models and KNX commissioning modes but also an easy adaptation to all development platforms. Upgrades and enhancements can be implemented later with little effort.

In our KNX-certified testing laboratory, your products are tested for interoperability in accordance with the KNX specifications. If you have developed your own communication stack, we also check this for KNX conformity. The services we provide in the KNX-accredited testing laboratory are subject to the regulations of EN 17025.

TAPKO supports you competently with all steps such as the specification of requirements and specifications, hardware and software development, prototyping, or the creation of the ETS database entry. We also conduct test series and organize the certification. We can support you comprehensively with prototyping and preparation for series production. Become a TAPKO provider of KNX systems in the worldwide expansive market.

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