SIM-KNX is an easy-to-use interface to the KNX.

The access to the KNX is realized as a serial ASCII protocol.
The SIM-KNX consists of a micro controller with galvanic isolation. It contains the complete certified KNX communication system and conversion to the data formats used on KNX. This module is designed to connect a controller or other devices to the KNX. Due to its design it is also applicable for small and mid-range quantities.

Evaluation Board for SIM - KNX

SIM-KNX-EVAL: Our evaluation board for the SIM-KNX-module is intended for getting started fast and easy with our SIM-KNX-module. It provides all components necessary to directly connect to the KNX bus and a PC.
The evaluation board comes in two different editions:

  • either with USB interface
  • or with standard RS232 interface 

With this option a PC or standard industrial controller may be connected. The SIM-KNX evaluation board gives you the possibility to create fast reliable solutions in connecting any controller, CPU or PC to the KNX bus and decide later if an integration of the SIM-KNX-module into your device is desired. Anyway, you will know how your device performs on the KNX bus.