RF Field Strength Analyzer

Our app "KNX RF Field Strength Analyzer" KNX RF FSA gets the grip on the innate uncertainty of your KNX RF installation.

Detecting signal strength indicators (RSSI) of all user-selected RF devices and displaying them by a colored matrix makes testing and debugging of KNX RF device connections easier than ever before.
Deficits of a KNX RF installation are easy to identify by observation of device RSSIs. Designed to be used for short-term and long-term observations of the device’s RSSIs, the KNX RF FSA is a high-quality tool that can highlight any weakness of a KNX RF installation. To avoid future problems this tool also tests the functionality of activated repeaters for increasing the RF area coverage.

KNX RF FSA is available at the ETS App store on my.KNX.org.


Our RF FSA is all you need for successfully commission your KNX RF installation.