The binary multi channel sensor and actuator for KNX. It integrates a 12fold binary input as sensors and a 12fold binary output as actuator in one housing.

The MIO-KNX 12 is a modular installation device for installing in a distribution board on 35mm mounting rails.
Connection to the KNX is implemented via a 2-screw terminal.
The actuators switch up to 12 independent electrical loads via potential free contacts (bi-stable relais).
The outputs are connected using screw terminals.
Each output is controlled separately via the KNX.
The actuators are particularly suitable for switching ohmic loads.

The 12-fold Binary Input part has 12 independent inputs for sensing potential free floating contacts such as conventional switches and push buttons.


Features / Benefits

  • Configurable binary outputs NC/NO, delay, staircase
  • Power on behavior according to parameter
  • Large number of logic functions for the input channels (sun protection, one-button shutter, dimming, …) and the output channels (switch, scene, staircase, delay, …)
  • Inputs for switching, toggle, blinds, scene, dimming
  • Detects short and long switching