MECip / MECip-secure

IP Router MECip couples KNX TP with KNX IP/ Internet

The MECip is a IP line/backbone coupler providing a data connection between the upper KNXnet/IP side and the lower KNX TP side.
For commissioning the integrated KNX tunneling interface can be used to connect to the ETS.
In case of misconfiguration the MECip has an integrated mechanism to reduce traffic.

MECip-secure, the security enhanced version

MECip-secure is the security enhanced version of our existing high performance KNXnet/IP router, connecting the upper KNXnet/IP line and the lower KNX TP bus line. It is one important component in the digital infrastructure of today’s modern buildings. MECip-secure is protecting successfully against intrusion attempts, according to the standard EN 50090-4-3. Of course, valuable features like no external power supply, reduction of unnecessary traffic in case of misconfiguration, manual suspending of filtering, device access and firmware update via web frontend are preserved. The integrated tunnelling protocol connecting ETS for commissioning and monitoring is also secured.

Features / Benefits

  • The 6 duo-LED display shows accurately the filtering condition as well as bus status and telegram traffic on each line.
  • The Web-frontend of the MECip monitors the KNX Busload on each line in real-time.
  • The MECip is able to filter the traffic according to the installation place in the bus system hierarchy or according to the built in filter tables for group oriented communication.
  • A configurable "Manual Function" can be activated by a single button press.
  • On activiation the MECip temporarily switches to individually-configured filtering conditions.
  • With reducing the bus load this routing function is helpful during commissioning, debugging and even for trouble shooting.
  • For commissioning and testing the MECip is able to turn off the message filter by a single button press.