The KNX communication stack KAIstack is the main software component of KAI (KNX Advanced Interface) and offers all the functionality needed for KNX devices.

It is KNX certified in a lot of different configurations, fully ETS compatible and contains all elements required by the KNX standard.
With its modular design the KAIstack basic structure is comparable to a unit construction system and can be assembled according to every customer´s individual requests. Due to its flexibility and modularity KAIstack is principally able to support all KNX configuration modes just as all KNX device models while customizing for hardware platforms still can be done.  A configuration change of KAIstack hardly influences the application. So, during an application development process the opportunity to change the configuration of the stack sometimes relieves the burden of early decisions.


Strukturierung des Stacks

In close dependence on the ISO/OSI reference model the KAIstack internal structure is designed to strictly separate between application relevant parts, modular stack internal parts, media dependent parts, and target/MCU related issues. The resulting benefits are optimized resource usage, system reliability enhancement, and device stability improvement. For every possible combination of MCU, device model, mode of commissioning, and media used the stack´s core is the same. Consequently, the KAIstack software is highly adaptive, it can be equipped as needed and retrospective extensions or upgrades are thus simple to implement.


KNX Application Development

Due to KNX certification of KAIstack in many configurations for the device software it is only neccessary to run a KNX certification procedure on the application. To simplify application development by combining various functions a comprehensive application interface (API) is provided. These functions cover evaluation and stimulation of group objects, timer, conversion, and many more. As development platform our evaluation board KAIstack EVA equipped with one MCU can be used. It is available in a huge variety of different versions (list of MCU models and manufaturers on request). Of course, the KNX stack in full is also able to run under Microsoft Windows. Therefore, it is possible to develop extensive application logics with the help of powerful Windows development tools. With this set consisting of API and development platform it is possible to rapidly produce complex applications.


Free Demo Version

To verify the functionality of the TAPKO KNX stack KAIstack at any time we provide free demo versions at our Download Centre. The demo version contains the TAPKO KNX stack for one device model and all necessary software components to connect to the KNX bus. As demo version applications we provide various standard applications. We also provide complete hardware documentation, so you are able to test our KAIstack on our evaluation boards as well as on your own hardware.

  • KNX certified according to KNX standard in many configurations
  • Adaptable to customer´s requirements and needs
  • High hardware flexibility by modularity
  • Applications unchanged by varying configurations of KAIstack
  • Product development with a huge variety of MCUs from different manufactures
  • Separate Microsoft Windows target as developing aid
  • Evaluation board KAIstack EVA is supplied with one desired MCU
  • Support of KNX-IP, KNX-TP and KNX-RF
  • Easy customization to different hardware platforms