KAIstack for ST

KAIstack with STM8 or STM32 - basis for your KNX-application

Ultra-low-power platform for 8-bit (STM8L) and 32-bit (STM32) MCUs from STMicroelectronics gain access to the powerful, yet easy-to-use technology platform KAI (KNX Advanced Interface) for KNX enabled bus devices.
The EnergyLiteâ„¢ platform for Ultra-low-power devices combine high computing performance with energy saving. This architecture provide functions like POR, BOE+PDV, IWDG, RTC, LSE with automatic clock gating, off for Flash and fast start up to decrease power consumption. Operating Voltages from 1,8V are sufficient. Additional security and safety functions like on chip memory protection, CRC32, dual watchdog, anti tamper and other enrich the field of usage.

Evaluation board for KAIstack with STM8 or STM32

The evaluation boards for KAIstack with STM8 or STM32 MCU provides everything necessary to develop efficient KNX devices