The driver for TPUART

KAIlink-UART continues our successful tradition of supporting the TPUART. KAIlink-UART is an enhanced version of our reliable and stable TPUART driver existing for almost a decade and used in a huge amount of devices. Exemplary highlights are support of additional features like extended frame format and bus monitor mode for long frames.

The interface to higher layers was redesigned for more flexibility in various environments and higher performance. 
Interface functions like message received, send message and others make the usage almost self explaining and very easy to integrate in your project.

KAIlink-UART runs on almost every microcontroller. It is fully implemented in ANSI-C and independent of any target platform with or without any RTOS. All hardware dependent parts are isolated in a hardware abstraction layer. KAIlink-UART is fully interrupt driven.

It is available on various microcontrollers: ARM cores from various manufacturers, MSP430 from Texas Instruments, M16 and M32 from Renesas, Atmel, Freescale and others.

Features / Benefits

  • Standard and extended frame format
  • Long telegrams up to maximum of TPUART (64 byte)
  • Normal Link Layer mode and bus monitor mode
  • Adaptable address check with sorted list or filter table
  • Reaction on bus controlled by address check: ACK, NACK, BUSY
  • Receive or drop message controlled by address check