The driver for KAIphys, 1066, ..

KAIlink-BIT is the driver designed for the hardware solution KAIphys. It represents the link layer and upper part of the physical layer in the OSI model. This pair, KAIlink-BIT and KAIphys, represents an ideal solution for connecting to the KNX TP medium.

KAIlink-BIT is written in standard C and assembler for performance improvement. Its clear structure makes it transparent for any usage.

KAIlink-BIT has a great advantage over solutions where link layer and upper physical layer are in a separate chip outside the application’s controller. With KAIlink-BIT 100% bus load can be achieved, which is important for devices like router, gateways and similar. KAIlink-BIT also allows generating very long frames. Even generation of intentionally faulty frames is possible for system tests.

Our propulsive product KAIlink-BIT with appropriate hardware solutions (e.g. KAIphys) makes features like more energy from the bus or low cost KNX devices possible. KAIlink-BIT offers maximum performance with high flexibility.

Features / Benefits

  • Cost effective KNX solutions
  • Short and long frames supported
  • Small footprint
  • 100% bandwidth utilization for sending
  • High flexibility
  • Adaptable to your requirements