With our development services we concentrate very much on the area of building automation with KNX.


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OEM devices

We have been developing and producing KNX OEM products in the field of building automation for decades and belong to the experienced German developers and manufacturers in the field of KNX products.

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Our TAPKO KNX communication stack, also known as the KAIstack, has been the central element of every KNX development since the early days of TAPKO.

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Tapko KNX TestLab


KNX certification of your products:

An essential step in the development of a product is the final inspection regarding conformity to the KNX standard - the so-called KNX certification.


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We offer the complete production process - from material procurement to assembly, testing, packaging and global distribution. In our professionally equipped production facilities in Split, Croatia, we produce highly specialized electronic devices.

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KNX-SECURE functionality is implemented in the KNX-Devices. BASE is the customized KNX stack from TAPKO: KAIstack SECURE.

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RF +

The standard KNX-RF+, based on the current ETS5, enables off-line configuration of all TP, IP and RF components for the first time, thus completely integrating radio components into the KNX structure.

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