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With our partner Apricum we offer you the complete production process - from material procurement to manufacture, testing, packaging and global distribution, mainly in the field of building automation. In our professionally equipped production facilities in Split, Croatia, we produce highly specialized electronic devices. We deal with conventional construction groups, mounting all the current components, whilst also having the possibility of manual mounting for non-standard configurations. We offer documented quality, reliably, on time and at reasonable prices. We accept orders from prototype construction to 100,000 pieces per annum, whereby most production units are in the region of 2000 to 5000 pieces. We handle the life-cyle management for components (last order, last buy) and global material purchasing, direct from the manufacturer if so required. We also produce with complete or partial provision of the materials by the customer. We also offer the development of flexible test environments (ICT, performance check, burn-in).

Complete procurement of all electronic and electromechanical components and conductor boards. Our long-standing business experience guarantees the very best purchasing conditions. Our warehouse offers complete recording and tracking of material during the whole production process.

Automatic mounting of construction Groups
Electronics manufacture by Apricum d.o.o. means technical service from the idea to serial production. Efficiency, quality and rapid delivery are basic elements in the production processes of our products. Certification to the ISO 9001/2009 quality standard ensures the constant high quality of your electronic devices.

Manual and custom production
We are able to perform conventional component placing of all components. We have workstations for very small and small batches with processing stations for BGAs, QFPs, etc. with zero risk of damage for individual components.

Quality and Service
Quality control is an important element of our production process. Highly qualified personnel tests all electronic modules after production. We plan and provide testers according to customer specifications. We carry out performance checks, final tests and statics and dynamics test in our climate chamber (+180° to -40°). We have a thoroughly documented production procedure with traceability of the components used from purchasing all the way through to the finished products.


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