Tapko KNX TestLab
KNX certification of your products: An essential step in the development of a product is the final inspection regarding conformity to the KNX standard - the so-called KNX certification.

To round off our range of services we set up our KNX certified test laboratory for you. This is where the interoperability of your products is tested according to KNX specifications. If you have developed your own communication stack, we also test this for KNX compliance. The services we provide in the KNX-accredited test laboratory are subject to the requirements of EN 17025.

The range of services provided by our test laboratory includes the following:

  • Test for interworking and functionality
  • Stack tests

In addition to KNX compliance we also offer the following services.

  • Pilot testing
  • Performance check
  • Consultation
  • LINK / physical layer pretests         

For these tests we guarantee:

  • Vendor Independence
  • Confidentiality
  • Accreditation of the test laboratory by the KNX association