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TAPKO´s KNX Communication Stack

KAIstack - modular - flexible

Our TAPKO KNX communication stack KAIstack has been the central element of every EIB/KNX development project since the early days of TAPKO. More than 25 years' experience of KNX product and KNX system development have contributed to the permanent enhancement of the stack.

Details on KAI (KNX Advanced Interface)

Details on KAIstack

With its modular design the KAIstack basic structure is comparable to a unit construction system and can be assembled according to every customer´s individual requests. Due to its flexibility and modularity KAIstack supports all KNX configuration modes just as all KNX device models and customizing hardware platforms can easily be done. A configuration change of KAIstack hardly influences any application. During an application development process the opportunity to change the configuration of the stack even relieves the burden of early decisions.

For every possible combination of MCU, device model, mode of commissioning, and media used the stack´s core is the same. Consequently, the KAIstack software is highly adaptive, it can be equipped as needed and retrospective extensions or upgrades are thus simple to implement.


KNX 20 Jahre