With our development services we concentrate very much on the area of building automation with KNX.

TAPKO's range of activities includes for example:

  • Drafting of specification Sheets
  • Hardware and software development
  • Prototyping
  • Drafting of database entry
  • Conducting test series
  • Organising and conducting certification
  • Preparation of series manufacturing

For KNX we carry out developments based on standard components as well as on our own TAPKO KNX stack, depending on the requirements of the device to be developed, The decision as to the best solution for you is made jointly after an extensive consultation.
We carry out both full and part developments. If TAPKO is commissioned with the full development, this usually means everything from prototyping to certification.
Dependent on the requirements as regards functionality, complexity, development time, development costs and price per unit, there are a variety of possibilities for product development.
Due to the large number and range of developments so far carried out for our own (OEM products) as well as customer-specific developments with a wide variety of requirements, we are in a position to carry out a variety of HW and SW developments in the KNX environment.