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28.01.2016 TAPKO: Looking forward to Light + Building 2016

From 13.3. – 18.3.2016 the experts from TAPKO Technologies are expecting specialists and visitors at our location in Hall 9.0 at E10.

20.10.2015 "25 years KNX Association"

TAPKO congratulates to the anniversary

KNX today is the global standard for building automation. Back when everything started, we spoke of EIB and accordingly the Organization existing then was called EIBA. Much has changed since. TAPKO followed along with every step of today’s successful and globally active KNX Association and some steps were even influenced by Tapko!

The two managing directors of TAPKO Technologies GmbH, Mr. Petar Tomic and Mr. Klaus Adler , were employed at a large building automation  manufacturer  prior to the establishment of their  own company -  so they were familiar from the beginning with building automation with EIB/KNX. Both put considerable expertise into the development of EIB and helped to “baptise” KNX.

TAPKO today offers consulting, KNX development of software and hardware, production in Europe and an accredited KNX Test Lab. Their own range of products is extensive and already enhanced by the pioneering wireless technology. As a longtime member of the KNX Association, TAPKO Technologies wishes: Happy Birthday KNX!

10.04.2015 Energy Harvesting with KNX RF

ZF Friedrichshafen AG created a module with:

-  SoC Ultra-low Power RF Microcontroller HW and
-  TAPKO Technologies’ KAIstack driving SW,
which integrates all following desired options: 
-  KNX RF for wireless communication.
-  No battery for run time.
   Self-powered by using the force to activate the Switch.  
-  Commissioning with ETS5 and the help of a pairing adapter.
-  Covering almost full functionality of a standard switch sensor.

article in KNX Journal 1/2015 



06.01.2015 Rise by Experience

Tapko celebrate their 15th anniversary in October – at the same time as Dubai’s landmark, the Burj Al Arab

The “Burj” serves as a symbol for the town Dubai and its rocketing rise and it is hard to believe that this famous building already celebrated its 15th anniversary. At the same time, Regensburg’s company TAPKO could celebrate its 15th, looking back on 15 years of success.

Though TAPKO Technologies may not have the symbolic meaning of the “Burj”, the team of both the  CEOs Petar Tomic and Klaus Adler is visibly proud of their history of achievements in the realm of building automation, having supplied development work for  world-famous brands as well as  complete high-tech products and components. As becomes a member of this fast-progressing branch, the company has only very briefly looked back before orienting towards the future ahead. “Our branch is driven by ever new ideas”, claims Petar Tomic. Already, with the New Year coming up, they’re deep into new developments  - as technology suppliers as well as for proprietary developments such as RF+ (radiofreqency technology).



07.07.2014 TAPKO NEWS

News from Light and Building 2014

Our News-Flyer brings you an overview of the TAPKO innovations we presented at the Light and Building 2014, in the field of Products and Services. This is where new products, such as the IP-router, the KNX-RF+ products, UIM-RF (USB RF+ interface), MEC-RF (the RF media coupler), as well as the RF-module are presented. We have set up the KNX test lab to extend our range of services.

The presentation of the TAPKO portfolio is now up-to-date and complete in the new TAPKO-brochure

21.09.2013 "You can´t tie a knot with just one hand."

In every aspect of life, especially on a working level, an intact team environment is the key to success.

Therefore, to put our team spirit to the test on a different level, on 21/09/2013 the Tapko-team spent an afternoon in the "Kletterwald Sinzing".

It was great fun and Tapko can say that even in dizzying heights, team spirit and problem-solving is no problem at all.

19.09.2013 KNX RF+ Workshop

Tapko was proud host for two days to the successful KNX RF+ workshop. In these two days, experts from involved companies gathered to verify the concepts and implementations of key components for our new KNX RF+ system. In future this media extension will make possible installations with the benefit of easy ETS projected and commissioned installations combined with the flexibility of the RF medium.

The second day started joyful with a traditional Bavarian sausages breakfast (Weißwurstfrühstück) where all guests and Tapko crew was present.


Security first! Security for connected buildings!

Hall 9.1, Booth E30: TAPKO presents KNX Secure products at the light & building 2018 in Frankfurt.

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TAPKO Technologies - the KNX competence center celebrates its birthday

The pioneer of KNX industry was founded 18 years ago

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TAPKO on KNX Booth at ISH Fair in Frankfurt: 14.-18.3.17

ISH is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for energy and HVAC (heating, ventilation and ...

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KNX 20 Jahre