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Line Coupler connects two KNX TP Bus Lines

One TP Line Coupler Device for all kinds of KNX TP Interconnection


Basic functionality of the line coupler MECtp is coupling a KNX TP main line to a KNX TP subline providing a galvanic isolation between both TP bus lines connected. Due to flexibility the MECtp coupler can be used as KNX line coupler, as KNX backbone coupler, as KNX area coupler or as KNX line repeater. The 6 duo-LED display shows accurately the filtering condition as well as bus status and telegram traffic on each line.

Filter Function

The MECtp is able to filter the traffic according to the installation place in the bus system hierarchy or according to the built in filter tables for group oriented communication. The MECtp supports long telegrams and features an configurable "Manual Function" that can be activated by a single button press. On activiation the MECtp temporarily switches to individually-configured filtering conditions. With reducing the bus load this routing function is helpful during commissioning, debugging and even for trouble shooting.

  • MECtp as Backbone Coupler connects TP Backbone and TP Area
  • MECtp as Area Coupler connects TP Area and TP Line
  • MECtp as Line Coupler connects TP Backbone and TP Line
  • MECtp as Line Repeater connects TP Line and TP Line (without filtering)

Advantageous features

  • Line/backbone/area coupler or line repeater in any KNX network
  • Galvanic isolated KNX bus lines
  • Support of long telegrams (max. 240 bytes APDU length)
  • IACKs sent on own frame for data throughput increase
  • Reduction of re-transmissions
  • Suppression of device configurations from subline to main line while full access from main line to subline
  • Switch on/off the Group telegram filter and the physically addressed telegram filter independently
  • Configurable one-button activation of special functions, e.g. transmit all Group telegrams (useful during commissioning, automatic reset after a dedicated time, max. 8h)
  • Disable telegram filtering by a single button press. Then short-time access to other lines is possible without additional ETS download
  • Bus status (traffic, errors, filter) on each line are accurately shown by six duo-LEDs
  • Various functions (filtering, tracing, blocking, ...) and diagnostics
  • Tracing of subline traffic
  • Installation module for 35mm top-hat rails (DIN, TH35)
  • Database v3 for ETS4 and higher (for latest firmware versions)
  • Database v1 for ETS3 and higher (for all firmware versions)

All TAPKO KNX devices are KNX certified, CE compliant and available as OEM version

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