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Mediacoupler to connect TP and RF

Line coupler MECrf connects a KNX-TP-main line with a KNX-RF-sub line.

It provides:

Filtering the traffic according the installation place in the hierarchy or according to the built in filter tables for group oriented communication.

Available functions are:

  • enable or disable filtering of group messages
  • suppress device oriented messages
  • reduced number of retransmissions
  • suppressing programming of the TP side from the RF side.

Advantageous features:

  • supports long messages (up to 201 byte APDU length)
  • one configurable button for special functions activation (e.g. transmit all group telegrams). That can be used during installation, during run time and for trouble shooting.  (automatically switch on filter tables after time out)
  • 6 duo LED to display accurate the bus status, traffic and faulty messages on each line. This helps identifying common communication problems due to bus load or retransmissions on both lines
  • conform to KNX-AN168 with all options (filtering)
  • on TP side sending of immediate acknowledged (IACK) to increase telegram troughput
  • blocking configuration attempts from RF side in to TP side and fully transparent access for configuration from TP side towards RF side
  • Database for ETS5

All TAPKO KNX devices are KNX certified, CE compliant and also available as OEM version!

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