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KAIstack and MSP430 -
basis for your KNX-application

Embedded system designs that employ KAIstack and the micro Controller MSP430 from Texas Instruments gain access to the powerful, yet easy-to-use technology platform KAI (KNX Advanced Interface) for KNX enabled bus devices.
MSP430 Microcontrollers (MCUs) from Texas Instruments (TI) are 16-bit, RISC-based, mixed-signal processors designed specifically for ultra-low-power. MSP430 MCUs have the right mix of intelligent peripherals, ease-of-use, low cost and lowest power consumption for thousands of applications. TI offers robust design support for the MSP430 MCU platform along with technical documents, training, tools and Software to help designers develop building automation products and release them to market faster. 
KAIstack is the main software component of KAI and provides the complete functionality needed for KNX devices. KAIstack contains all elements required by the KNX standard and is certified in several different configurations. KAIstack is implemented in close dependence on the ISO/OSI reference model. The clear structure separates between application relevant parts, modular communication stack internal parts, media dependent parts and target CPU related issues. Advanced implementation methods allow highly efficient coding that leads to optimized resource usage. This is shown in a small footprint and moderate resources needed. An application development with KAIstack relieves the burden of early decisions in the design process by simple configurability of the stack. It helps increase system reliability and improves device stability. Hardware and software components of KAI can be adapted according to given conditions. KAIstack is KNX certified.


For an efficient automatic temperature and humidity adjustment it is advantageous to create profile data with use of an MCU. Using TAPKO hardware and software components TI designed the TIDM-KNXTHERMOSTAT Wired KNX Thermostat Reference Design Board. The KAIstack media module interfaces the MSP430 microcontroller and the KNX twisted pair bus. The easy-to-use PnP module for data communication enables developers to concentrate on further customer´s requirements. Additionally, details about KNX communication and a description of TAPKO hardware and software available to start developing for KNX can be found at:

KNX Thermostat TI Design Guide:

Evaluation board for KAIstack with MSP430

The evaluation boards for KAIstack with MSP430 MCU provides everything necessary to develop efficient KNX devices. The introduction of “Media-modules” gives the possibility to change the communication media used, during product development or even later. For the supported media KNX-TP, KNX-RF and KNX-IP we offer several different modules per media:TP: TP-UART, TP-UART galvanic isolation ,TPUART2, E981.03, NCN5110, KAIphys RF: SX1211 others in preparation.
Pushbuttons, LEDs and all MCU signals routed on pin header with standardized connections to “Media-modules”, provide an excellent development and test platform.
Equipped with the state of the art software from TAPKO, your product success is on the tip of your Hand.

. Rapid product prototyping
. Basic user interface keys and LEDs on board
. Additional application program traceability
. Full hardware flexibility
. Interchangeable Physical / Link Layer with Media-modules
. Support for different media

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