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KAIstack with IPC@CHIP® -
basis for your KNX-application

Embedded system designs that employ KAIstack and IPC@CHIP® Embedded Controller from Beck IPC gain access to the powerful, yet easy-to-use technology platform KAI (KNX Advanced Interface) for KNX enabled bus devices.
The large range of control and communication functions and the options for selection from various performance classes and designs facilitate the flexible use of the IPC@CHIP® in the most varied of applications.
The robust controller designed for industrial use and also the software tested in many applications reduce the probability of failure of your products. Moderate hardware and software complexity and integrated security protocols offer additional security for your application.

KAIstack is the main software component of KAI and provides the complete functionality needed for KNX devices. KAIstack contains all elements required by the KNX standard and is certified in several different configurations. KAIstack is implemented in close dependence on the ISO/OSI reference model. The clear structure separates between application relevant parts, modular communication stack internal parts, media dependent parts and target CPU related issues. Advanced implementation methods allow highly efficient coding that leads to optimized resource usage. This is shown in a small footprint and moderate resources needed. An application development with KAIstack relieves the burden of early decisions in the design process by simple configurability of the stack. It helps increase system reliability and improves device stability. Hardware and software components of KAI can be adapted according to given conditions. KAIstack is KNX certified.


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