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The driver for KNXnet/IP

The efficient way to connect to KNX

KAIlink-IP is an approach for handling KNX devices over KNXnet/IP with Ethernet as medium.

KAIlink-IP integrates the KNX protocol on top of Internet Protocol (IP) network as an extension to KAIstack the TAPKO KNX communication stack.

KNX devices connected to an IP network may use the network for

  • Remote configuration,
  • Remote operation (including control and visualization) and as
  • Fast backbone for KNX installations.

KAIlink-IP is implemented in portable ANSI C. It is easily possible to combine the KNXnet/IP core and the abstraction layer with a C++ environment for convenient use.

KAIlink-IP on top of an IP-stack has a layered structure and provides platform specific interfaces. Its implementation makes intensive use of the Platform Abstraction Layer (“PAL”). The PAL encapsulates system services for platform independent use in KAIlink-IP.



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