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TAPKO`s modular KAI for flexible KNX Communication Development

The TAPKO KNX Advanced Interface KAI (KNX Advanced Interface) is the world´s most advanced hardware and software platform for KNX devices. It results from the TAPKO team's 25+ years of experience in implementing KNX communication systems.

All KAI components can be combined to meet specific customer needs. The flexible KAI technology enables faster innovation of KNX products, via a smooth and intuitive KNX product development process. KAI's software components include the modular KAIstack communication stack and a variety of KAIlink media drivers.

KAIstack has been the central element of every KNX development project since the early days of TAPKO. Our long-term experience in KNX product and system development has contributed to the permanent enhancement of the stack.

KNX 20 Jahre