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Intelligent KNX Power Supply with Wide Range of Diagnostics, Alarm and Switching Functions

Absolute Power Control of TP Line and All Bus Devices with the Slimmest KNX Mains Unit for 640mA - just 2 Units Space Consumption on the DIN Rail


The very small footprint of only 2 units (36mm) makes our new intelligent KNX power supply unit IPS640 with diagnostics the smallest of its kind for KNX in the the marketplace. The efficient device features also an additional auxiliary power output to support individual components. Both outputs are overload protected and short circuit protected. The IPS640 generates a stable KNX system voltage of 30 V DC and the integrated choke decouples the KNX bus line from the auxiliary output with any desired load distribution on the outputs.

Intelligent Functions

All functions can be controlled and fine-tuned with a large set of parameters:

  • Measurement of voltage, current, busload, and internal temperature
  • Cyclic sending of measurement values
  • LEDs show the operational state of the device
  • Alarm on threshold value crossing (with hysteresis)
  • Configurable additional alarms
  • Number counters for KNX bus restart, device startup, overload, short circuit
  • Time counters for (total) working time, operating time since last startup, time load detached
  • Local reset of the TP line by one-button push
  • Remote reset of the TP line by communication object
  • Maximum tracking of current and temperature related to pre-set time intervals


For troubleshooting, optimization, ... all actual measurement values can be sent on the bus as well as event counters and event durations (for events like overloads, short circuits, load detached, KNX bus restarts, device startups, total working time, operating time since last startup, alarms). Automatic readout of values can be sent cyclically and even after a pre-set change in value. Durations of additional alarms can also be sent cyclically.

Features Summary

  • First 640mA power supply unit in its class with a mounting width of only 36mm
  • Lower installation cost due to low space consumption
  • Overload protected and short circuit protected
  • Additional unchoked auxiliary power output
  • Wide variety of diagnostic and logic functions
  • Remote reset and local reset by push-button
  • Monitoring of output voltage, output current, bus traffic load and device temperature
  • Monitoring of events (threshold crossing, device startup, KNX bus restart)
  • Monitoring of output failures (due to overload, short circuit, AC break)
  • Configurable threshold (+ hysteresis) functionality for further evaluation
  • Informational readout: cyclic, on demand or after certain change in value
  • Measurement alarms and configurable additional alarms (8 in total)
  • Large number (37 in total) of communication objects available
  • Actual device status indicated by LED display
  • Internal supply via externally-connected 230 V AC
  • Leakage loss < 5 W
  • All configurations can be done via ETS
  • ETS database for version 4 and higher
  • Installation module for 35mm top-hat rails (DIN, TH35)

All TAPKO KNX devices are KNX certified, CE compliant and available as OEM version

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