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18.03.2018 Security first! Security for connected buildings!

Hall 9.1, Booth E30: TAPKO presents KNX Secure products at the light & building 2018 in Frankfurt.

For almost 20 years, TAPKO Technologies GmbH is offering high-quality products, complex systems and comprehensive development services in the field of building automation based on the KNX standard. One special highlight at this year's presentation of TAPKO’s  know-how are the KNX Secure components. 

The two managing directors Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Adler and Dipl.-Ing. Petar Tomi? are familiar with the continuous development of the KNX standard for decades. Petar Tomi? explains: "Over the years, one of the main areas of development has been the operational reliability of all components in the network. This goal has been achieved and is facing new challenges in the field of data and IP security. The connected building today stands for energy, comfort, flexibility and security. As product developer, we have pushed cyber security and bring a wide set of components and solutions to this year's light & building! ” 

The KNX Secure products can be found in Hall 9.1. on stand E30. Interested parties can see there today’s solutions for KNX runtime security and "attack security" for modern building of the future. Of course the TAPKO experts are available for technical discussions and are looking forward to many interesting questions.

08.10.2017 TAPKO Technologies - the KNX competence center celebrates its birthday

The pioneer of KNX industry was founded 18 years ago

Eighteen years ago, Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Adler and Dipl.-Ing. Petar Tomi? founded the start-up TAPKO Technologies. Their together competence provided the company a dream start with first-class consulting and development projects. Before, both partners had been entrusted with important EIB/KNX developments for years and played a decisive role in developing KNX standards. TAPKO Technologies quickly gained the reputation of a competence center in the KNX scene and the company grew continuously. Over the years, the requirements of the market changed, but TAPKO continued to succeed in, with the help of its outstanding employees, developing technology highlights and entering joint ventures.

These days TAPKO Technologies GmbH celebrates its 18th birthday. The company´s management says thanks to all customers and partners for all cooperation so far. The company currently prepares for the "light & building 2018" trade fair in Frankfurt. Definitely worth a visit.

03.03.2017 TAPKO on KNX Booth at ISH Fair in Frankfurt: 14.-18.3.17

ISH is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for energy and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) in the building. ISH presents trend-setting solutions for buildings – a good reason for TAPKO Technologies to join in.

At the KNX booth in Hall 10, level 3, A49, TAPKO presents up-to-date KNX modules of latest development as well as the intelligent KNX communication stack KAIstack.
In keeping with the motto "one for all and all for one", TAPKO, alongside all other KNX developers and KNX manufacturers, exhibits on the KNX-booth - in order to promote the "common standard for all applications in building automation", especially to all HVAC companies. "In future, we see no place for proprietary solutions in application development" says Petar Tomi?, CEO of TAPKO. He also concludes: "an established standard assures the success of efficient future solutions."
TAPKO experiences the development of KNX in this market very positively. So, Klaus Adler, CEO of TAPKO, states: "KNX shall finally become basis of all integral solutions and manufacturers shall achieve comprehensive building automation by abandoning their proprietary solutions. We look forward to interesting discussions on the fair!"

18.10.2016 TAPKO now is KNX Technical Board Member

Biggest member increase ever in the history of the highest technical decision body of KNX

Of course, KNX Association takes care that the information flow from members to association and back result in yet a stronger KNX system. So KNX recently took the initiative of motivating a number of very active KNX members to join the ranks of the KTB, the highest technical decision body in the KNX Association. Finally, this call for members more than doubled the number of members and brings it to 21.

01.06.2016 TI recommends TAPKO products to fast, easy generate KNX devices

Using TAPKO hardware components TI designed a KNX thermostat reference design board

Texas Instruments and TAPKO partnered to enable customers to develop KNX building automation solutions in minimum time. To evaluate a ready-for-KNX buildup TI created a thermostat demonstration platform for manufacturers. For an efficient automatic temperature and humidity adjustment it is advantageous to create profile data with use of an MCU. Using our KAIstack media module for interfacing the MSP430 microcontroller to the KNX twisted pair bus enables developers to concentrate on further requirements.

KNX Thermostat TI Design Guide      

Regarding a KNX-enabled application development TAPKO and TI can also provide fully customized solutions. Details about KNX and description of hardware and software available to start developing for KNX:

Introduction to KNX development                 

16.05.2016 TAPKO´s test lab still is one of the few KNX test labs worldwide providing lower layer tests

Petar Tomi? and Klaus Adler welcomed CFO&CTO Mr. Joost Demarest in Regensburg

For 3 years now TAPKO Technologies is one of the few manufacturers that offer a broad variety of KNX certification tests to partners and customers. To continue with providing the diversified services of our KNX test lab all conformities with the requirements to the KNX-ISO 17025 Certification were checked by Mr. Demarest, CFO&CTO of the KNX association. The audit conducted by him confirmed that all requirements to carry out KNX specification tests are constantly met.

22.03.2016 TAPKO - pulse in the mark of KNX

TAPKO´s Light & Building trade fair stand was the meeting point of international experts

-A look back at a fascinating exhibition in Frankfurt.-

“This year's fair days were probably the herald of a sensational financial year 2016” describes CEO Petar Tomi? the eventful days at this year's Light & Building. And in fact not only the Light & Building was well attended, even and especially the TAPKO booth. Instinctively, during the preparations the TAPKO team expanded the “consultation islands” in time so that several hundred experts and interested people were welcomed within just a few days. In addition to the representative of the KNX National Group Japan also chummy manufacturers from Japan visited TAPKO to establish new partnerships and contacts. CEO Klaus Adler also highlighted the success of this year's fair, also from the viewpoint of a good standing position and an impressive visibility for visitors. “The positioning of the products and innovations was excellent.”
Genuine product premieres: For many visitors the interest of TAPKO´s new products was particularly large focusing the narrowest power supply of its kind, the IPS640, and the IP devices without external power supply, the IP router MECip and the IP Interface UIM KNX IP.
Under the motto "Get together" TAPKO launched on March 16th a fair party. Despite of parallel events in other halls all VIPs and friendly business partners came to TAPKO and partied with DJ Petar until the end. The music, food and networking event was a huge success.  


Security first! Security for connected buildings!

Hall 9.1, Booth E30: TAPKO presents KNX Secure products at the light & building 2018 in Frankfurt.


TAPKO Technologies - the KNX competence center celebrates its birthday

The pioneer of KNX industry was founded 18 years ago


TAPKO on KNX Booth at ISH Fair in Frankfurt: 14.-18.3.17

ISH is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for energy and HVAC (heating, ventilation and ...


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