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EIB - KNX - Future

In it from day one.

The TAPKO story is one of constant innovation and many development milestones. Thus we were active in the EIB/KNX sector from the very beginning and TAPKO can be described without exaggeration as a centre of EIB/KNX competence.

The many-faceted experience of our managing directors Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Adler and Dipl-Ing. Petar Tomić goes right back to the beginnings of EIB (to about 1989) The two owners of the company not only contributed to the establishment of the EIB specification, but were already involved in the development of the first EIB devices.

• 1990   Development of EIB System
• 1999   Foundation of Konnex Association
• 1999   Foundation of TAPKO GmbH
• 2000   EIB Stack, TAPKO's first customer Project
• 2001   Establishment of production with partner APRICUM d.o.o.
• 2005   ISO 9001 Certification
• 2006   Foundation of KNX Association
• 2006   TAPKO becomes KNX Shareholder
• 2006   First EIB/KNX module from TAPKO: SIM-KNX
• 2010   Relocation / Expansion into new office premises
• 2011   Foundation of TAPKO GOSSÉ & TECH
• 2012   TAPKO stand at the Light & Building trade fair in Frankfurt
• 2013   Certification as KNX test laboratory





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