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Experience and Visions

Specialist knowledge for today and tomorrow

TAPKO's innovative and motivated team of developers commands an extraordinary spectrum of know-how and accomplishment, which is always turning heads in the KNX sector. TAPKO has been known in the industry for many years for its effective and intelligent Solutions.

Over 20 years' of experience, competence and dedication to KNX are the basis for progressive developments and a generator of development impetus which benefit the whole KNX field.

This pool of knowledge is also increased by the partnership with TAPKO GOSSÉ & TECH as the specialist for KNX-RF products with long-standing experience in industrial product development.

TAPKO staff were and are actively involved on KNX workgroups.  Our customers reap lasting benefits from this long-term knowledge transfer and  exchange of experience. We have detailed insight into the structure and methods of these task forces. We often introduce new topics to these committees and assist with the compilation or revision of specifications. In this way we are always well-informed about all current KNX developments.




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