The TAPKO Company

Building automation with the KNX system in Europe and worldwide

TAPKO Technologies GmbH was founded in October 1999 by Klaus Adler and Petar Tomić. Both Business Managers, Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Adler and Dipl.-Ing. Petar Tomić, were already among the driving forces of the EIB/KNX scene 10 years before TAPKO GmbH was founded. TAPKO is a fully-fledged KNX member and certified according to ISO 9001.

As one of the KNX specialists who have been innovative for many years, we are excellently connected in Europe and also handle international development requests. The portfolio supports companies with consulting and services ranging from product ideas or product development to production. With our direct partner companies we are able to offer all relevant process steps for KNX components completely.

Special knowledge for tomorrow - visions for the day after tomorrow

The innovative development team of TAPKO Technologies has an extraordinary range of knowledge and creativity, which repeatedly ensures the highest recognition in the KNX sector. TAPKO has been known for many years for effective and intelligent solutions. Decades of experience and commitment to KNX are the basis for new, progressive developments. These impulses come i.a. also from the partnership with the French TAPKO GOSSÉ & TECH as a specialist for KNX RF products and its many years of experience in industrial product development.

TAPKO staff were and are actively involved on KNX workgroups. Our customers reap lasting benefits from this long-term knowledge transfer and  exchange of experience. TAPKO keeps contributing new topics to these committees and helps to create or revise specifications. That is why TAPKO is well informed about all current KNX developments. TAPKO Technologies has been exhibiting at the international fair "light & building" in Frankfurt for many years.

From the beginning…

The TAPKO story is a journey through the technology of the EIB and today's KNX system. The pioneers and managing partners Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Adler and Dipl.-Ing. Petar Tomić was involved not only in the specification of the EIB specification but also in the development of the first EIB devices, often referred to as the EIB / KNX competence center.

  • 1990 Development of the EIB system
  • 1999 Konnex Association was founded
  • 1999 Foundation of TAPKO GmbH
  • 2000 EIB Stack, TAPKO's first customer Project
  • 2001 Establishment of production with partner APRICUM d.o.o.
  • 2005 ISO 9001 Certification
  • 2006 Foundation of KNX Association
  • 2006 TAPKO becomes KNX Shareholder
  • 2006   First EIB/KNX module from TAPKO: SIM-KNX
  • 2010   Relocation / Expansion into new office premises
  • 2011   Foundation of TAPKO GOSSÉ & TECH
  • 2012   TAPKO stand at the Light & Building trade fair in Frankfurt
  • 2013   Certification as KNX test laboratory
  • 2016   TAPKO is a member of the KNX Technical Board


Two main brains of the knx technologies for over 20 years

The extended TAPKO secure products show our advantage

Dipl. Ing.
Petar Tomic

We supply impulses in the advancing knx market

Dipl. Ing.
Klaus Adler