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USB Interface Device for KNX RF Ready S-Mode

The UIM-KNX RF enables easy access to KNX RF S-mode bus devices via RF

The USB interface UIM-KNX RF combines high-end technology with perfect functionality and flexibility to establish a connection between a PC and the KNX RF bus. The innovative device enables a data connection for the ETS, for commissioning of bus devices, for visualization, protocolling and diagnosis. Via the flexible common EMI protocol supported by the UIM-KNX RF any software based on FALCON is able to communicate with the bus devices connected. The intelligent USB interface device supports long telegrams as well as a special diagnostic mode.

Advantageous features

  • RF S-mode interface device to enable a direct data connection between PC and KNX bus line via RF
  • Support of Raw Frames, a special diagnostic mode
  • To be used with ETS for:
    • S-Mode configuring (KNX RF Ready S-Mode)
    • Visualization
    • Protocol
    • Diagnostics
    • E-Mode installations
  • Available working modes:
    • Bus Monitor Mode
    • Raw Mode
    • Link Layer Mode
  • Support of long telegrams (max. 208 bytes APDU length, CRC-16 bytes included)
  • Support of the extended frame format
  • Communication with other RF devices in the network via any software based on FALCON (ETS, EITT, ...) due to the flexible cEMI ("Common EMI") protocol is provided
  • Conform to KNX-AN168 in all options
  • No specific USB driver needed due to USB HID Profile
  • Easy usage even without FALCON driver software
  • Update via USB
  • Database for ETS5

All TAPKO KNX devices are KNX certified, CE approved and available as OEM version

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